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Welcome to Age of Youth!

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This is a blog inspired by the Korean drama Age of Youth (amazing kdrama btw). The blog was created to collect my thoughts, loves and knowledge over the course of 2017 and share it with anyone that comes across this blog. I plan on publishing a post every week depending on my schedule.

A little about me
My name is Asha and I’m currently a student at Coventry University studying Business. I'm nineteen.

 I’m really into fashion, reading, and learning new things. My blog posts will probably reflect on those things. My goals for this blog is to consistently publish content over the year of 2017 and hopefully the years to come. You can contact me through various social medias by clicking on the icons underneath my profile picture or e-mail me at hirsia9@uni.coventry.ac.uk

This blog is still a work in progress so I appreciate the time taken to read my posts.

Asha :)

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