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Hola! I’m Asha but you pronounce it as Aisha. Don’t ask haha.

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Age of Youth

I’m a student currently studying in Malaysia right now but officially a student in the West Midlands, England. What am I into? Not a lot lol. I like spending ages editing my Instagram photos to then not posting them, I hate spending ages on an outfit then leaving the house hating what I'm wearing, I love kind people, dislike people with bad vibes, love food (especially thai food) and creative minds. I study bachelors in Business but my passion really lies in the creative side of things. That’s why I started this blog! I have all these ideas in my head and as a active reader of blogs since I was a young teen, I thought why not start one? Even if my blog is a bit lame. 

The blog was created to collect my thoughts, loves and knowledge over the course of 2018/19 and share it with anyone that comes across this blog. I plan on publishing a post every week depending on my schedule or my laziness. So anyway, you can read up on my blog when you’re bored or need some travel inspo because this academic year I plan to do a lot of solo travelling – do you want to come along for the adventure? Click that subscribe button! 

Wanna chat about absolutely nothing? Leave me a comment or drop me a message. You can find my social media deets on the side bar! 



P.S. this blog name is from a k-drama called age of youth, please don't sue me. 

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